Our company is built on sustainable development techniques, and we manage chemical compliance responsibly. We make sure that our clothing and production methods are safe for end-users, employees, the environment. We are planning to head towards eco-friendly washing techniques by the utilization of laser technology. We keep a record, of Global Compliance Certificates issued by our suppliers, such as ZDHC and continuously monitor total chemical use in various production processes.

Sustainable development processes are the core of our company, and we manage our chemical compliance in a responsible way. We ensure our manufacturing processes and garments are safe for end-users, our employees, the surroundings, and the environment.


Denim production needs a large amount of water. In this industry, dyeing and finishing or washing procedures are important drivers of waste-water contamination, with considerable volumes of dyed stuff and alkaline chemicals in the waste-water. However, The HSA Group has the tools and methods in place to purify and treat spent industrial water. The water treatment facility removes or alters harmful chemicals from the water. The facility’s water treatment methods reduce contaminants to a level that nature can handle.